Who We Are

The research study has been developed to gain consensus about your perspectives on the principles of trauma-informed care in early intervention psychosis services.

Meet the Research Team

Dr Ciarán Shannon

Dr Ciarán Shannon is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust. He works within the STEP (Service, Treatment, Education, Prevention) Team which was developed to identify and intervene with young people (aged 14-35) that have an increased risk of developing psychosis. He also manages Specialist Mental Health Psychology services and IMPACT (the Research Centre within the Trust). He has published widely in the areas of Trauma, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychosis and Mental Health.

Dr Ciaran Mulholland

Dr Ciaran Mulholland is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Medical Education at Queen’s University Belfast. He is Co-Clinical Lead of the Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network, Mental Health Special Interest Group, has acted as an advisor to the Victims and Survivors Service on clinical interventions for those who have been impacted on by the trauma of the "Troubles" and has recently been appointed as Interim Clinical Director for the Northern Ireland Mental Trauma Service. He is a Fellow of the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation at Queen's University and an Associate Fellow of The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice at Queen's University.

Dr Sinéad Mitchell

Dr Sinéad Mitchell (PhD) is completing her studies in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University, Belfast. She is interested in the impact of psychological trauma, and the integration of trauma-informed practice within health and social care. She completed her PhD in Psychology at Queen’s University, Belfast.      

Dr Donncha Hanna

Dr Donncha Hanna (PhD) is the Research Director in Clinical Psychology and fellow of the Centre of Evidence and Social Innovation at Queens University Belfast. His primary research interest is the measurement and modelling of psychological trauma, anxiety disorders, psychosis and related constructs. He has expertise in psychometrics as well research design and analysis.


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